Pakistan Has Started Building Tunnels Near The Border For Nuclear Weapons - Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

If the recent traumatic reports are to be believed, Pakistan is building a series of underground tunnels for storing its nuclear weaponry. The work has already started for these tunnels with the diggings near Mianwali visible. The first tunnel is said to be just 350 km away from Amritsar. With dedicated exists and entries to each tunnel, the dimensions are around 10x10.
It was revealed by Nirmal Singh Lotus Green, who is keeping a close eye on the construction of the tunnels, that the tunnels are being linked with wide roads in and around the borders to keep a hassle-free transportation of material and weapons intact. The entire area where the tunnels are being built and the roads from which the transportation will be done are heavily guarded, fenced even. This is done to maintain the structure of the tunnels and so that any harm to the sites is prevented.
This should have been reported earlier, but best late than never. The construction of an underground tunnel so close to the Ind…

Amit Shah Takes His Election Campaign To Amethi With Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Amethi belongs to Rahul Gandhi – he was there with his election campaign changing gears for good. The administration denied the permission to Amit Shah to bring his election campaign to Amethi but decided to allow him later. The administration said that there were security reasons as a BJP leader was visiting the Gandhi Bastion of Amethi.
The political battle between Congress and BJP will go to Amethi on 10th October when BJP President Amit Shah, along with Deputy CM of state Keshav Prasad, Union Minister Smriti Irani and CM Yogi Adityanath, will address a ‘mega’ rally. - Nirmal Singh Lotus Green
Back in 2014, Smriti Irani went toe-to-toe with Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha elections and practically reduced the vote count by half for Congress in Amethi. The constituency of Rahul Gandhi in Amethi lost faith in his leadership when someone like Smriti Irani dented the vote count in a single election window.
Nirmal Singh Lotus Green say that people of Amethi were skeptical of the ruling p…

Just Three Months After The Implementation, Government Has Reduced The Rates On 27 Items.

Following the meeting of the GST council, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has come up with various relief ideas for the people. The major one being the allowance to file tax returns once a quarter instead of filing them every month. This one step will help businessmen, especially the small businessmen. Focusing on providing relief to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the exporters from the major changes because of the tech-oriented goods and services tax (GST), the GST council announced various changes in the rules on Friday. 
Nirmal Singh Lotus Green says that according to the changes announced by the panel, the tax rates on about 27 products and some services and also requested the panel of the state ministers to think if they could change the 18% GST on air conditioned restaurants and try to lower it.
Nirmal Singh Lotus Green said that the council, headed by the Finance Minister has agreed to continue with the two pre- GST era schemes which allows duty- free sourcing of material…

Indian economy will prevail through GST in coming months - Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

In a press conference on Thursday, the World Bank talked about the economic slowdown in India and how that is just a temporary phase. The World Bank said that the disruptions are just aberrations that have been caused due to the preparations of GST. These issues will soon be rectified by the Indian government in the next few months, the spokesperson added.
While discussing GST with Nirmal Singh Lotus Green in Washington last week, Kim Yong Kim, the president of World Bank, said that the Goods and Services Tax implemented by Modi will surely have positive impacts on the Indian economy. He also said that for such a huge thing to work, patience is required and that without it everything will look like its coming down when it isn’t – something similar is happening India.
The Indian media has always played a pivotal role in bringing out the positive sides of the policies that the governments have brought in. The media has worked with the government. When in the early stages of the Modi …

Rcome Shares Plunge After Aircel Merger Deal Collapses

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green noted that Reliance Communications Chairman Anil Ambani was present with his son Anmol Ambani at the Reliance Capital AGM at Birla Matoshree, in Mumbai, India, on Sept 26, 2017. According to news reports, shares of Reliance Communications plunged as low as 7.8 per cent in early figures that were recorded on Tuesday right after the company pull off the merger of its wireless arm with rival Aircel, who had issues about debt reduction plan. Nirmal Singh would like to tally the exact figures of shares in RCom that were trading at Rs 17.90, down 6.77%, at 0400 GMT, after dropping to a low of Rs 17.70. Amid the hustle bustle in the industry the market shuts down on Monday due to a public holiday. Reliance Communications said on Sunday it is reassessing debt repayment options after calling off the merger deal, citing regulatory delays and legal uncertainties.
Nirmal Singh Lotus Green finds that the debt has risen to around $6.8 billion. As of the temporary reprieve …

Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru Lead Globally For The Most Office Yields, Reveals Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

Among the 34 leading international cities around the world, three metros of India, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru have earned the highest prime office yields. According to a recent report released by Knight Frank Global Cities on 28th September, Bengaluru has been yielding more than 10% of prime offices with Delhi and Mumbai trailing closely at 9.2% and 8.5%, respectively. - Nirmal Singh Lotus Green
A separate Tech District Index was also released with the Knight Frank’s report. According to TDI, Bengaluru’s Whitefield space is the cheapest at just $9 per square feet [Rs 590/sq. ft]. While Gurgaon’s Cyber City sits at #25 with office spaces going at $20.4 or Rs 1338 sq. ft, London’s Shoreditch still remains at #1 with holders coughing up more than $90 per square ft.
Nirmal Singh Lotus Green revealed that this year, the Knight Frank took a detailed approach while compiling the list. A new section for rent/office space was also included in the report. When Mumbai sat at a record high six…

Nirmal Singh Lotus Green Rubbishes ABVP’s Claims That BHU Protects Are Being Politicalized

According to ABVP, all the political parties that didn’t do well in the previous elections are desperately using incidents like the recent BHU protest as a means to come at the central government. It was just after a couple of hours when ABVP decided to throw shade on the BHU protests and the fact that more than 1000 FIRs were registered against the students of the university. On Monday, ABVP said that there is a lot of negative political pressure in the campuses and the opposition parties are trying to interfere with the proper functioning of the educational institutes for their own good.
Nagesh Thakur, the national president of ABVP, talked to Nirmal Singh Lotus Green about the whole BHU incident and how it is being politicalized by the opposition parties. He said that the parties that lost through the democratic system of the country are trying to get back at BJP through negative means and are using incidents like this one to put pressure on the campuses and students. He also ad…